My First Solo Show


painting by Roy Anthony Shabla

galleRoy @ Maris Wine Bar

My First Solo Show
Eighteen New and Recent Paintings by
Roy Anthony Shabla

as part of the series
Art on the Vine

sponsored by
Downey Arts Coalition and Maris Wine Bar

opening reception
Maris Wine Bar
Downey California
8 October 11
6:30 pm to 1:30 am

live music: VVHIT FUZZ


Roy Anthony Shabla


Special Thanks to

Downey Arts Coalition
Andrew Wahlquist
Carol Kearns
Esmeralda Castaneda

Mari’s Wine Bar
Anthony Flores

Art on the Vine
Don Lamkin
Pat Gil
Carolina Del Toro
Jorge Del Toro
Claudia Hernandez

Victor Aguilar
David R. Youel
Aiden Dunfey
Gabriel Armenta

Gabriel Armenta
Josue Quiquivix

And so many more…


Roy Anthony Shabla


the earth is round

yet we divide it into squares.


we live in square houses,

in square rooms,

eat from round bowls

and round plates

each at a square table.


at night, we lie

each in a square bed

beneath the round moon.


will we ever fit together?


my thoughts go around

my round head~

they fly in circles

before lying down

in straight lines

on a square of paper;


then, line after line of thought

circles out from the square

of paper,

concentric circles swirling out,

the pebble of a thought

tossed into the pond

of the universe…


one night, i too will lie

down in a straight line,

merely a thought

among other thoughts,

not connected except by shape,

not fitting the circle

of the earth.


i am a square, a square peg~

a block-head

with a round hole

in the bullseye of my heart

that nothing stops


and i lift my round eyes

to the great circle of the sky

in wonder.


~ ~ ~


on the square floor

lies a square rug

of moonlight

cast from the round moon.


i step around it.


in the flat air

the ball of a fly circles

the box of the room

beneath the flat roof.


i gesture~

my hand swirling


my round head.


i move in a circle

through the square house

like a circus pony,

a miller’s ass


yoked to destiny~


the hands

of a stubborn clock

marking moments

by the movement of



the shape of this night

is a naked window

and an empty bed.


the shape of this man

is a tattered paper

with silly lines…


each form separated

from the full circle

of life,


each silhouette separated

from the full circle

of love.


~ Roy Anthony Shabla

excerpt from Libretti Lumi


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